FC2-PPV-2731208 フェラ専用車内で、経験豊富な美人の熟練の口技で抜かれて、大量口内発射3名(IT系OL紗香さん)

Product description: FC2-PPV-2731208 フェラ専用車内で、経験豊富な美人の熟練の口技で抜かれて、大量口内発射3名(IT系OL紗香さん) 

FC2-PPV-2731208 フェラ専用車内で、経験豊富な美人の熟練の口技で抜かれて、大量口内発射3名(IT系OL紗香さん)

Hello, this is Eloist.

This woman is rare in our work,
Saka-san, “a little adult sister”.

I’m usually an office lady from an IT company, but I think it’s a stress relief for my daily work.
He also appeared as a profitable earner.

After all, the body is not good, so the sample has a dark face.

Blow is something that you can’t imagine from the beautiful appearance.

With no hands from beginning to end while staring at the actor and leaking his voice,

He showed us various techniques as if he was playing with a dick.


[1st person]
Geek-based part-time jobber who participated for the second time,

It seems that beautiful Saka was a super type,

On the contrary, I was nervous and it was not cool, but …

A large amount of saliva is safely launched into a blowjob that gently wraps a dick dyed in pure white!

I was very satisfied and went home lol

[Second person]
This is a fighting part-time jobber,

While staring at me, I was screaming at the glans penis.

It is a fierce no-hand fellatio and it is shot in the mouth in no time. Was it really comfortable?

Saka is also surprised to spit out a tremendous amount of sperm!

It seems that he has swallowed a little.

[Third person]
From the beginning, I was very excited about the expression of the regular salesman, Saka, who is odious!

Every time I took it off my mouth, I laughed unintentionally at the rampaging dick to the right and left.

The director also had a hard time chasing with the camera (laughs)

I couldn’t stand the glans licking from the ball licking and the slow and fast holding,

At the end, she pushes her hips up and shoots in the mouth while panting.

This time it was an appearance in clothes, but it was obviously a nasty body even when viewed from the top of the clothes, so

Next time, I definitely want to see the contents.

[Purchase privilege]
We will give you a subjective angle video (5 minutes before ejaculation without blowjob to cum swallow x 3 people about 15 minutes).
We will inform you how to get it by email after purchase.

* The person appearing in this work is a model, and we are shooting with consent.
* It has been confirmed that the appearance model is over 18 years old.
* It may be deleted unexpectedly.
* If the product is sold or diverted without permission, legal action will be taken and a claim for damages will be made.

Source: https://adult.contents.fc2.com/article/2731208/

Date: March 23, 2022
JAV Actress: Amateur

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